COVID-19 Response

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COVID-19 Response & Recovery Resources for BIDs: Virtual BID Roundtables

In April 2020, the NYC BID Association and NYC Department of Small Business Services launched a series of virtual BID roundtables to share best practices in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. The goal of this series was to streamline information, reduce redundant research, and gather the best examples across NYC and the world. 

Working groups of BID staff spent 2-6 weeks researching and discussing specific topics, then presented their findings to the entire BID network. Some groups also developed FAQs, guides, and shared resource documents. More than 80 BID staff members participated in these convenings. On this page, you will find recordings of those webinars and all the prepared deliverables from each roundtable group. Please send any questions or comments to Emily Edwards at SBS (

Adjusting to Remote BID Operations

Chair: Kalvis Mikelsteins (Dumbo Improvement District)

Gather tips for BID staff working from home, including mental health/personal ecology advice. Develop best practices for sanitation and public safety services, virtual Board meetings, and possible public realm interventions in the time of COVID-19.

Recording of Webinar (May 12, 2020)

Shared Google Document of Resources & Tips

Economic & Legal Assistance for Businesses

Co-Chairs: Clara Lyle (Lower East Side Partnership) & William Kelley (Village Alliance)

Research available grant and loan programs for business owners, property owners, and non-profits from local, State, Federal, and private sources. Develop understanding of employment laws and unemployment insurance. Dive into business interruption insurance.

Recording of Webinar (May 19, 2020)

Powerpoint Presentation

Reference and Resource Guide Document

Best Practices for Business Continuity & Promotion

Co-Chairs: Angella Brown (FAB Fulton), James Ellis (North Flatbush), Yasmin Cruz (Westchester Square)

Develop best practices for businesses that are continuing to operate, including advice about social media, press coverage, digital marketing (gift card) platforms, and delivery solutions. Consider ideas for mapping open restaurants/businesses, and research specific opportunities for business contracts.

Recording of Webinar (May 26, 2020)

Powerpoint Presentation

Shared Google Document

Planning Ahead for Recovery

Co-Chairs: Robert J. Benfatto (Hudson Yards Hell’s Kitchen Alliance), Liz Lusskin (Long Island City Partnership), Medina Sadiq (Bed-Stuy Gateway), Evan Sweet (Meatpacking District)

Start thinking ahead about the role of BIDs in helping businesses and the economy recover from the outcomes of the COVID-19 outbreak. Develop understanding of specific legislation and create advocacy strategy for future relief packages, legislation, etc.

Powerpoint Presentation

Additional Roundtables

Virtual Annual Meeting Tips & Tricks

Resource Document (PDF)

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Additional Resources

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